Antique Sofa Veneer Repair, a photo essay

This is an example of how veneer can be repaired. The photos show the crest rail of a sofa that is missing a veneer accent.

First,the old glue is scraped away. This is a very important step. Good adhesion of the hide glue requires wood-glue-wood contact.

Next, color work.  Mahogany with Garnet shellac will be the base color.

Example shows the veneer cut and ready to glued into place.

Hot hide glue is used to secure the veneer…..a good rub joint is achieved.

Caul is placed to hold the joint as the glue dries.

Repair completed. Airbrushed garnet shellac with Transtint dyes to blend color variations.

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  1. ravinheart says:

    Very nice job … looks great

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