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One Joint, one plane, one clamp

One of the projects currently in the studio this week is a live edge black walnut table.  So how did Grandpa glue a 90 inch long joint?  With a spring joint of course.  Surprisingly simple, incredibly strong.

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Not all wood is a shade of brown

Custom seam rippers just in time for Mother’s day gifts. Curly Maple, Purple Heart, and Mahogany. Available at

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Pre-publication Orders for ‘Virtuoso: The Tool Cabinet and Workbench of Henry O. Studley’

I will be placing my order today!

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Raised panel using a handplane

Currently working on restoration of a vintage dresser for a client.  A tell tale sign dating this gem are the plane tracks on the bottom of the drawers and dust panels. Just like the original craftsman,  a replacement panel is … Continue reading

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Flooring: hardwood vs laminate?

Disturbing story last night on 60 minutes.  If you missed it check out their web site.  The scary part for me was when they went under cover into the Chinese factories and the Chinese managers admitted their products were mislabeled. … Continue reading

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Walnut Break Front

Two photos of the walnut break front.  This built in features sap wood accents, marble top to the base cabinet and seeded textured glass incorporated into the upper unit.

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French Polished Perfection

The top to this piece was in need a a complete restoration after years of use and exposure to the sun and atmospheric conditions.  After removing the finish (top only) the wood was bleached, and then dye stains were used … Continue reading

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Significance: the quality of being important

“This baseball represents one of those rare moments in life when a dream becomes reality.  It is the first pitch I threw in my Major League debut.  A moment I would trade for nothing in the world.  A moment that … Continue reading

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The focus this week has been restoration of a vintage French bench. Several parts were missing, so bring out the hand tools and voila. Photo on right shows the replacement part installed and the original that was removed from the … Continue reading

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Bench resurface, and a new start

20 years ago I built this bench top. This morning it was difficult to erase the dings, dents, scratches, gouges and scars from all the repairs it has seen.  While the memories of pine wood derby cars to 17th century … Continue reading

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